Our Group Performance programs are designed to be customized to each group's specific needs, all the while applying our science-based proprietary protocols. Our experience with groups ranging from military Special Operations personnel to the highest-performing professional athletes teaches us that sustained excellence is achieved only when the group whole is greater than the sum of the parts. In other words, when group synergies are operating, individuals within the group perform at levels that alone they can not achieve, propelling both the group members and the group as a whole to new heights.
Our proprietary approaches include: 
  • Confidential consultations with group leaders to assess structural and functional challenges within the group along with identification of pathways to resolution of specific problems
  • Programs to facilitate individual group-member skills development, performance enhancement and strategic thinking 
  • Programs to facilitate group integration, synergy and collective prosperity

In some cases, we have found it helpful to customize programs aimed at specific group needs, including:
  • Structuring learning and practice sessions for the most efficient individual and group skills development
  • Building effective working groups from the inside-out, including application of neuroscience principles
  • Helping group leaders manage divergent egos among superstars, stars and role players

We honor that each and every student, parent, teacher and institution is different, and thus for us to serve you best, it is important for us to learn what your specific needs might be. The best way to do that is with a confidential, complimentary phone consultation with one of our advisors. To set that up, please give us some times that work for you and a contact number. We will handle the rest.

Onward and upward!