Our Sports programs -- presently covering baseball, basketball, golf and soccer -- are pragmatically designed to promote skills development, performance enhancement and expanding sport IQ, both through coaches and staff and with individual players. With this flexibility, each program is structured to be customized to your specific needs.  
Our fundamental premise is that adaptive capacity is the key to sustained excellence in competition. Science clearly shows that at the top levels of any competition, all players have advanced skills, specialized training and high-level coaching. However, given skills, training and coaching, some win and some do not. Our research and experience indicate that the difference that defines winners is their tendency to make the right decisions at the right time in the game more often than the competition. That ability is a neurophysiological phenomenon that can be facilitated and enhanced. Within that facilitation and enhancement lies the uniqueness of our programs that get the best from players, coaches and team by building adaptive capacity from the inside-out. 
Our proprietary approaches include: 
  • Confidential consultations with management and coaches to assess structural and functional challenges within the group along with identification of pathways to resolution of specific problems
  • Programs to facilitate individual players' skills development, performance enhancement and strategic thinking 
  • Programs to facilitate trust, team integration, synergy and collective prosperity

In some cases, we have found it most helpful to develop directed programs focused on specific sport needs and challenges such as: 
In Baseball:
  • Applying the 'PCD' hitting method which is a brain-function based approach to each pitch during an at-bat
  • Learning the art of dominant pitching including mental preparation and the use of body language
  • Using the off-season to maximize in-season performance including nutrition, sleep and workout regimen guidance

In Basketball:
  • Becoming a 'Sharp-Shooter' by using drills that military-trained snipers use in training
  • Growing energy during the game through season long energy-building and reserve programs
  • Learning anticipation defense by triggering the parts of the brain and mind-body connection at appropriate times

In Golf:
  • Reaching performance efficiency by learning when to observe and when to participate in the game
  • Learning your own unique scoring cues based on how you are wired
  • Winning in match play by understanding the triggers that propel you and diminish your opponent

In Soccer:
  • Growing energy during the game through smart energy conservation
  • Learning anticipation passing by triggering the 'feel' nervous system
  • Implementing formation tactics by learning how to see the game 'big'

We honor that each and every sport, team, coach and player is different and thus for us to serve you best, it is important for us to learn what your specific needs might be. The best way to do that is with a confidential, complimentary phone consultation with one of our advisors. To set that up, please give us some times that work for you and a contact number. We will handle the rest.
Onward and upward!